Our Philosophy - Morocco Ecoway

We are looking for experts in the field of watercolor painting/travel journals, photographers, therapists to supervise holidays focusing on art, photography, health and well-being.

We are an ambitious project, a humane and environment-friendly undertaking in the magical Skoura oasis. In order to protect this environment we are avoiding mass tourism and developing eco-tourism respectful of the environment and ancestral traditions.

Workshops are a way to attract tourists to the oasis in addition to the interest the place itself holds. The minimum number of participants is 6 with a maximum of 14. The teacher/leader of the workshop is housed, fed and participates in all excursions; he or she only has to pay for the plane ticket and is paid € 500 per trainee and € 250 per companion.

Each student will be accommodated, fed, participate in all excursions and the workshop for the sum of 3000 €. Accompanying persons pay 2750 €.The plane ticket is additional.

The courses last a week or more depending on the choice of theme. You are responsible for finding students through your own networks even though Morocco Ecoway will put the workshop online to help with this.
Thank you for your interest in Oasis Dream!
Promoting the Skoura Oasis is the aim of the Morocco Travel eco-tourism association.
The oasis of Skoura, the best kept in Morocco, enjoys a tourism respectful of the place all the while allowing promotion of this environment and its population in an authentic way thanks to ecotourism.
What is ecotourism?
It brings together all forms of tourism focused on nature and which includes a part of education and awareness of the environment, both for tourists and locals. Groups, often led by locals, are generally small. Ecotourism must also bring employment and income to local populations, while providing economic benefits to host communities, organizations and administrations that ensure the preservation of natural areas.
Skoura, a suitable place for ecotourism:
2000 years ago, men had the genius to harness water that was one kilometer upstream; this precious water is still used today by farmers.
All the inhabitants using this water meet regularly to clean the canals. Friendships and partnerships are therefore created, even more so as the community must share the water. The inhabitants endeavor to live in harmony with nature and maintain this state between themselves.
Seeing photos of the "magnificent" Skoura you will understand how important it is to save this magical place. Around fifteen types of fruit trees are present in the oasis where biodiversity is therefore rich. This space also makes it possible to irrigate agricultural areas.
Add to thisan extremely rare form of beekeeping,the cultivation of honey from ahole which is done in Skoura. This form of beekeeping coulddisappear if nothing is done to protect it. As yields are very low this honey is scarce and expensive. It is an exceptional honey because it feeds on all the various plantsgrowing nearby. This ancestral activity is done according to the values ??of solidarity and altruism as each year, the owner of the swarm must give 10 ° / ° to a person of his choice.
In short, the culture, the traditions and the way of life as well as the bonds created between inhabitants makes Skoura a place to protect yet promote because of its originality.
Bring this eco-tourism to life:
To bring this ecotourism to life, the founders of Morocco Ecoway offer activities around the “arts, photography, well-being, and health” hoping to attract tourists seeking a privileged environment and wishing to relax in the calm and beauty of unspoiled nature. Add to this the desire to share the kindness of local people, sometimes distrustful of strangers, but who have in their hearts a wonderful capacity to welcome and too often found only in regions where there is little. The little they have, they share naturally for the pleasure of talking sometimes only with the eyes, the hands or a smile. This sharing, this exchange is possible during meetings organized with the locals.
Obviously, the workshop holiday in which tourists participateallows the preservation of the places around the oasis and its way of life, all the while improving it. This means that part of the money is donated to the deployment of educational, cultural and leisure projects for children and young people. This is how the local school has been able to undergo improvements.
Of course anyone may also make donations to help keep these projects going.
Whether you are professional artists, photographers, therapists, trainees or simple companions, we are waiting for you to help you have an unforgettable stay and to participate, conscientiously, in this great project where you can find your place and flourish joyfully: a useful and friendly moment in your lifetime.

So, contact Morocco Ecoway (contact@morocco-ecoway.com) so we can help you prepare your trip. We will explain how you can become a teacher/leaderof a workshop or to explain what activities await you if you want to organize your stay.