Enjoy painting plein-air workshop with the  Beautiful Russian artist Dina Lepchenkova

Enjoy painting plein-air workshop with the Beautiful Russian artist Dina Lepchenkova

I'm watercolor artist and illustrator since 2014, participant of russian and international watercolor exhibitions:

2020, September - Siberian Watercolor Salon «Amazonia world», Novosibirsk

2020, December - Christmas Watercolor Festival «Russian winter», Novosibirsk

2021, February - 1st International Online Exhibition «Brushstrokes of Harmony», IWS California, USA

2021, March - Tirana International Watercolor Bienalle «Still life», Albania

I've been painting my whole life and have tried many techniques and materials, including oil, liquid acrylic and ink techniques, digital painting and collage. But it was watercolors where I found excitement, emotions, variability of technique, endless possibilities for researching the material.

Watercolors always reflect the character and soul of the author. I don't try to tame it, but study watercolor so that we can speak the same language. In addition, I think it is always important to enjoy painting, especially on the plein-air, this will be the main task for our workshop.

The workshop is going to be an interesting journey for those who appreciate the combination of realism and natural properties of watercolors - freedom, expression, intuition, dynamics. I will show you how to work with layers and alla prima. We will discussing materials, composition, tricks, techniques and color palettes. The focus will be on water and pigment control, texture creation and lighting effects.

The training will include explanations and demonstrations, as well as individual consultations and accompaniment of the participants during the open air. The experience and skills of the participants are not important.

Instagramm : https://www.instagram.com/dindinia/?hl=fr

Day 1

Arrival in Airport Casablanca or Marrakech at the Marrakech-Menara International Airport. after the meeting , the departure will take place towards Ouarzazate(about 200 km from Marrakech). taking the road which passes through the High Atlas mountain range. On our way we will drive through the Tizin’Tichka pass, at an altitude of more than 2200 m and which links the valley of the Tensiftwadi in the north, to the Asif Ounila valley a semi-arid region in the southeast. We will stop for the night in Aït-ben-Haddou, located in the Ounila valley and which is the traditional crossing point for caravans connecting Marrakech to the south of the Sahara.

Day 2

"The Ksar": Here we will begin our first sketches of Aït Ben Haddou from the panoramic terrace of our luxurious guest house . In the afternoon we shall visit the historic city and sketch in the shaded alleys and along the wadi (river). At the end of the day, we will leave Ait-ben-Haddou to arrive at one of the largest palm groves in Morocco where we will spend the night.

Day 3

Skoura "The Palm Grove": In the morning we will discover the splendor of the date palms and the sheltered fruit and olive trees that cover over than 27km square. The local population will warmly welcome you, adding to your feeling of well-being, all this under the heat from the Moroccan sun. The palm grove..... with its flora and its kasbahs, will provide many subjects for the second page of your travel journal.

Day 4

"The Souq" weekly market : We will visit the souk where traveling merchants, artisans, blacksmiths, leather products and everyday goods of all kinds can be found.  After a painting session, immersed in the middle of this Moroccan market we will be on our way to the Gorges Dades, located at the foot of the High Atlas and side by side the anti atlas.  then we will continue on towards the Dades Gorges which carve their way through the mountains creating impressive cliffs. In Todgha, you will be facing two steep cliffs of 300 meters’ high, separated by a narrow corridor of around twenty meters: this is an unforgettable spectacle to draw, paint or photograph.

Day 5

The drive from Tineghir to Merzouga (renown for the highest dunes in the world) passes by a succession of ksour and oasis. This region was one of the compulsory crossing points for caravans of slaves and gold traffic from Sudan and Guinea. Your caravan awaits you for a one hour trip on the back of a camel to watch the sunset from the top of a dune....

Day 6

Departure from Merzouga to take the direction of our lodging in Skoura, via Tafilalet and Rissani the region of Jewish and Muslim Saints. The whole day would be on the road with full of surprises and adventures.

Day 7

The Kasbahs of Skoura ": Amridil ". Continue working on your travel journal. this day would be evolving about the traditional architecture and moroccan lifestyle, which you can picture in your artwork. One of Morocco’s grandest kasbahs, this 17th-century marvel once appeared on the 50 dirhams note bank. Signposted just a few hundred metres from the main road, this living museum showcases traditional kasbah life over the centuries.

Day 8

The eight day is a relaxing morning spent at the guest house to finalize your travel journal finishing sketches, painting, collages and the layout with the advice of the teacher. Lunch break. In the afternoon, free time and an opportunity to shop for souvenirs, or simply let the song of the birds guide your steps in the palm grove. Last night in Skoura.

Day 9

It is hard to say goodbye. but, this is the farewell day...Transfer to Marrakech-Menara International Airport or Casablanca


Why you will love this trip

• With the help of a local guide, you will have the impression of going back in time to the Middle Ages wandering the labyrinthine medina of Ait Ben Haddou, Skoura and Merzouga.

• Take the opportunity to travel through the spectacular red dunes of the Sahara by camel and have an unforgettable sunset experience.

• Djemaa el-Fna Square in Marrakech is a city within the city. Explore one of the largest meeting places in the world, joining the night carnival atmosphere of fortune tellers, dancers and healers.

Skoura is a town in Ouarzazate Province, Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco. Skoura is a fertile oasis lined with immense palm groves. The Kasbah Amerhidil is part of Skoura palm grove alongside more.

Our services

Lodging: Gîte, Kasbah in the heart of the valleys and palm groves Technical support and overall support during all your travels.

List of watercolor workshop materials:

Base set:

Watercolor 100% cotton paper. I recommend 300 g/m3 Cold pressed (grain fin), medium size sheets, gummed pads or blocks (for example 12 x 16 in, 25 x 35 cm, 30 x 40 cm). Don't forget the tablet or board if you choose sheets. Minimal quantity is 20 sheets. My favorite paper is Saunders Waterford Cold Pressed paper.

Gummed paper tape.

Water pot.

Plastic spray bottle (about 100 ml).

Folding plastic or metal palette for paints with wide mixing area (for example Mijello).

Paints: watercolor in tubes. There are many good-quality watercolors from well known companies e. g. Schmincke, White Nights, Daniel Smith, Rembrandt, Winsor & Newton, Sennelier. Any standard set of Artist quality paints is ok, but my own color set contains following shades:

warm: transparent Lemon or Pure yellow; Yellow Ochre; Naples Yellow, Cadmium Orange (P.O.20) or Vermillion; intense brownish gold (for example Quinacridone Gold); rich brown with red tones (for example Burnt Sienna); pure red or red iron oxide; pink or violet-red (Rose Madder, Quinacridone Magenta or Alizarin); Olive Green.

cold: Cobalt Turquoise; Ultramarine; any Blue with green shade, deep intense blue (Prussian or Indanthrene); Lavender or Lilac; Emerald or Viridian green; Dioxazine Violet; Perylene Red or Perylene Violet or Naphthamide Maroon (any deep dark paint).


soft big brush for washes and strokes. I use goat chinese brush with long hair and round squirrel.

round synthetic brush medium size keeps an fine point for working in details.

striper or liner brush.

short flat synthetic brush with hard hair (for example small flat brush for acrylic). It must be able to remove pigment from paper.

soft flat wide brush for wash painting and wetting of paper.

Favorite pencils, eraser, paper towel.

Additional utilities:

- Light stool (if you want).

- Plein air easel for watercolor: any brand of plein-air easels that can have your surface secured flat or at an angle.

- Natural sea sponge, some salt for texture.

Some granulated paints can make your painting more interesting: Cascade Green, Lunar Black, Moonglow, (Daniel Smith). Also you can take White opaque paint for tiny details.


Workshop Trip 9 days / 8 nights all inclusive:

This price includes:

- More than 40 hours of lessons spread over 9 days for a maximum group of 15 people

- Airport / Hotel transfers

- (air-conditioning) 17-seater vehicle with driver

- official licend tourist guides

- Full board accommodation, single room & double room for couples (all rooms have a private bathroom)

- Tourist taxes to be paid on site

- Cocktails / henna party

-Traditional hamam

Accompanying Person Trip 9 days / 8 nights all inclusive:

- Full board accommodation, single room & double room for couples (all rooms have a private bathroom)

- Airport / Hotel transfers

- (air-conditioning) 17-seater vhicle with driver

- official licend tourist guides

- Tourist taxes to be paid on site

- Cocktails / henna party

-Traditional hamam

These prices do not include:

- Roundtrip flights to Marrakech

- Painting equipment

- Entrance fees to monuments

- On-site purchases.


√-In case of withdrawal by a participant within 90 days of commencement of the workshop, the amount already paid will not be refunded.

√-In case of cancellation of the trip by the organisers, a new date will be proposed. Any participant who cannot avail of the new date will be fully refunded of the sum already paid.

√-In the event the organisers cancel the trip with no alternative date proposed, all sums paid by the participant will be fully refunded.

Gallery Photos :

Do you have pre-booking questions? Please contact us.

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Good To Know

Travelers from the US only are required to have a valid US Passport – but it must NOT be due to expire within 6 months of your return flight.

Your flight destination will be Marrakech Menara International Airport (RAK) / Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport. Royal Air Maroc is the only airline that has direct flights from the US to Morocco, from both JFK and Washington Dulles.

You can also book flights traveling through major European airports, as there are many connecting flights to Marrakech through economy airlines such as Ryan Air, Easyjet, Iberia, etc. We’ve found that it is easier to find good connecting flights on the way to Marrakech than on the return, but you can take the opportunity to end your trip with a day or two stop in Spain, France, Portugal, England….

Immunizations are not required or necessary but check here for CDC recommendations.

Weather is predictably unpredictable so be sure to check on the estimated conditions the week before you travel. Even though Marrakech can be quite warm by day, it is usually quite cooler at night so pack light clothes that you can layer. We recommend cotton pants, long skirts, wraps or large scarves over tank and tee shirts, and a sweater or light jacket for chilly nights.

Your most important fashion asset: comfortable shoes for traversing the Medina on sightseeing and shopping adventures!

Morocco is a Muslim country and women generally dress more modestly than in the US or Europe. Like elsewhere, dress codes are gradually becoming more lax and there is a lot of tolerance for tourists, but wearing clothing that covers your best “assets”, and that your grandmother would approve of, shows cultural respect, good taste, and common sense.

The currency here is the Moroccan Dirham, and the exchange rate usually hovers these days around 10 Dirhams/1 Dollar. You CANNOT exchange for Dirhams outside of Morocco, but there are several currency exchange booths in the airport when you exit Passport Control and also located all around the Medina. Larger stores and restaurants may take Euros, but it’s really best to have dirhams.

If you bring large bills ($100) to exchange be sure that they are newer bills with holograms. Otherwise they will slide them back to you with a shake of their head.

Another good option for padding your wallet with dirhams is to use the ATM machines which are located around the medina. The exchange rate is a little better, especially if your bank or credit card doesn’t add foreign transaction fees (some homework for you). Be sure to notify your bank of your foreign travel destination so they don’t flag you for fraud. I also recommend that you bring 2 or 3 cards-just in case you still get flagged (happens!) and find too many things you just can’t live without.

  • Free Wifi access in all rooms and common areas
  • Bedside Mineral Water
  • Hair Dryers
  • One-time complimentary laundry service for retreat weeks

Extra items you should pack:

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